DB Group

Columbia University Database Research Group

Welcome to the Columbia University Database Research Group! We are interested in high-performance database architectures, web-scale information extraction, social media, data analysis, visualization tools, and database theory.

We are affiliated with the Department of Computer Science and the Data Science Institute.


  • Oct 2018: Hosting the New York Database Day 2018, on November 10th, 2018.
  • February 2018: Ioannis Paparrizos successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis!
  • September 2017: Orestis Polychroniou successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis!
  • June 2016: Eva Sitaridi successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.
  • September 2015: Pablo Barrio successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.
  • July 2015: Eugene Wu joins our group.