Selected Publications (Show All)

  1. Distributed Joins and Data Placement for Minimal Network Traffic
    Orestis Polychroniou, Wangda Zhang, Kenneth A. Ross
    TODS 2018
  2. Ten Years of Web Tables
    Michael Cafarella, Alon Halevy, Daisy Zhe Wang, Hongrae Lee, Jayant Madhavan, Cong Yu, Eugene Wu,
    PVLDB 2018 Invited Paper,
  3. At a Glance: Approximate Entropy as a Measure of Line Chart Visualization Complexity
    Gabriel Ryan, Abigail Mosca, Remco Chang, Eugene Wu
    InfoVIS 2018
  4. Provenance in Interactive Visualizations
    Fotis Psallidas, Eugene Wu
    HILDA 2018
  5. Leveraging Quality Prediction Models for Automatic Writing Feedback
    Hamed Nilforoshan, Eugene Wu
    ICWSM 2018
  6. Precision Interfaces for Different Modalities
    HaoCi Zhang, Viraj Rai, Thibault Sellam, Eugene Wu
    SIGMOD (demo) 2018
  7. “I Like the Way You Think!” Inspecting the Internal Logic of Recurrent Neural Networks
    Thibault Sellam, Kevin Lin, Ian Yiran Huang, Carl Vondrick, Eugene Wu
    SysML 2018
  8. Smoke: Fine-grained Lineage at Interactive Speeds
    Fotis Psallidas, Eugene Wu
    VLDB 2018
  9. BoostClean: Automated Error Detection and Repair for Machine Learning
    Sanjay Krishnan, Michael J. Franklin, Ken Goldberg, Eugene Wu
    Tech Report 2017
  10. Network Synthesis for Database Processing Units
    Andrea Lottarini, Stephen A. Edwards, Kenneth A. Ross, Martha A. Kim
    DAC 2017
  11. Deadlock-free joins in DB-mesh, an asynchronous systolic array accelerator
    Bingyi Cao, Kenneth A. Ross, Stephen A. Edwards, Martha A. Kim
    DAMON 2017
  12. Combining Design and Performance in a Data Visualization Management System
    Eugene Wu, Fotis Psallidas, Zhengjie Miao, Haoci Zhang,Laura Rettig, Yifan Wu, Thibault Sellam
    CIDR 2017
  13. A DeVIL-ish Approach to Inconsistency in Interactive Visualizations
    Yifan Wu, Joe Hellerstein, Eugene Wu
    Hilda 2016
  14. PFunk-H: Approximate Query Processing using Perceptual Models
    Daniel Alabi, Eugene Wu
    Hilda 2016
  15. Towards Reliable Interactive Data Cleaning: A User Survey and Recommendations
    Sanjay Krishnan, Daniel Haas, Michael J. Franklin, Eugene Wu
    Hilda 2016
  16. ActiveClean: An Interactive Data Cleaning Framework For Modern Machine Learning
    Sanjay Krishnan, Michael Franklin, Ken Goldberg, Jiannan Wang, Eugene Wu
    SIGMOD 2016 Demo
  17. SIMD-accelerated regular expression matching
    E. A. Sitaridi, O. Polychroniou, K. A. Ross
    DAMON 2016
  18. k-Shape: Efficient and Accurate Clustering of Time Series
    J. Paparrizos and L. Gravano
    SIGMOD Record 2016
  19. Detecting Devastating Diseases in Search Logs
    J. Paparrizos, R. W. White, and E. Horvitz
    SIGKDD 2016
  20. Screening for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Using Signals From Web Search Logs: Feasibility Study and Results
    J. Paparrizos, R. W. White, and E. Horvitz
    Journal of Oncology Practice
  21. CLAMShell: Speeding up Crowds for Low-latency Data Labeling
    D. Haas, J. Wang, E. Wu, and M J. Franklin
    VLDB 2016
  22. Massively-Parallel Lossless Data Decompression
    Evangelia A. Sitaridi, RenŽ MŸller, Tim Kaldewey, Guy M. Lohman, Kenneth A. Ross
    ICPP 2016
  23. A Course on Programming and Problem Solving
    S. Sheth, C. Murphy, K. A. Ross, D. E. Shasha
    SIGCSE 2016
  24. GPU-accelerated string matching for database applications
    E. Sitaridi and K. A. Ross
    VLDB Journal 2016
  25. Exploiting SSDs in operational multiversion databases
    M. Sadoghi, K. A. Ross, M. Canim, B. Bhattacharjee
    VLDB Journal 2016
  26. Towards Perception-aware Interactive Data Visualization Systems
    E. Wu and A. Nandi
    DSIA 2015
  27. SampleClean: Fast and Reliable Analytics on Dirty Data
    S. Krishnan, J. Wang, M. J. Franklin, K. Goldberg, T. Kraska, T. Milo, and E. Wu
    Overview paper
  28. The Q100 Database Processing Unit
    L. Wu, A. Lottarini, T. K. Paine, M. A. Kim, K. A. Ross
    IEEE MICRO 2015
  29. Efficient Lightweight Compression Alongside Fast Scans
    O. Polychroniou and K. A. Ross
    DAMON 2015
  30. Implementing Latency-Insensitive Dataflow Blocks
    B. Cao, K. A. Ross, M. A. Kim, and S. A. Edwards
    MEMOCODE 2015
  31. Wisteria: Nurturing Scalable Data Cleaning Infrastructure (Demo)
    D. Haas, S. Krishnan, J. Wang, M. J. Franklin, and E. Wu
    VLDB 2015
  32. Collaborative Data Analytics with Datahub (Demo)
    A. Bhardwaj, A. Deshpande, A. Elmore, D. Karger, S. Madden, A. Parameswaran, H. Subramanyam, E. Wu, and R. Zhang
    VLDB 2015
  33. Ranking Deep Web Text Collections for Scalable Information Extraction
    P. Barrio, L. Gravano, and C. Develder
    CIKM 2015
  34. k-Shape: Efficient and Accurate Clustering of Time Series
    J. Paparrizos and L. Gravano
    SIGMOD 2015
  35. Learning to Rank Adaptively for Scalable Information Extraction
    P. Barrio, G. Sim›es, H. Galhardas, and L. Gravano
    EDBT 2015
  36. Rethinking SIMD Vectorization for In-Memory Databases
    O. Polychroniou, A. Raghavan, K. A. Ross
    SIGMOD 2015
  37. The Case for Data Visualization Management Systems
    E. Wu, L. Battle, and S. Madden
    VLDB 2014
  38. Hardware Partitioning for Big Data Analytics
    L. Wu, R. J. Barker, M. A. Kim, K. A. Ross:
    IEEE MICRO 2014
  39. Reducing Database Locking Contention Through Multi-version Concurrency
    M. Sadoghi, M. Canim, B. Bhattacharjee, F. Nagel, K. A. Ross
    PVLDB 2014
  40. Energy Analysis of Hardware and Software Range Partitioning
    L. Wu, O. Polychroniou, R. J. Barker, M. A. Kim, and K. A. Ross
    TOCS 2014
  41. Coherent Somatic Mutation in Autoimmune Disease
    K. A. Ross
    PLoS One 2014
  42. Vectorized Bloom Filters for Advanced SIMD Processors
    O. Polychroniou and K. A. Ross
    DAMON 2014
  43. Q100: The Architecture and Design of a Database Processing Unit
    L. Wu, A. Lottarini, T. K. Paine, M. A. Kim, and K. A. Ross
    ASPLOS 2014
  44. A Comprehensive Study of Main-memory Partitioning and its Application to Large-scale Comparison- and Radix-sort
    O. Polychroniou and K. A. Ross
    SIGMOD 2014
  45. Track Join: Distributed Joins with Minimal Network Traffic
    O. Polychroniou, R. Sen, and K. A. Ross
    SIGMOD 2014
  46. Detecting Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Using Social Media (demonstration)
    F. Psallidas, L. Gravano, and many others
    NYC Media Lab's Annual Summit, 2014
  47. Information Extraction from Social Media for Public Health
    N. Elhadad, L. Gravano, D. Hsu, S. Balter, V. Reddy, and H. Waechter
    KDD at Bloomberg Workshop, Data Frameworks Track (KDD 2014), 2014
  48. REEL: A Relation Extraction Learning Framework (poster)
    P. Barrio, G. Sim›es, H. Galhardas, and L. Gravano
    JCDL 2014
  49. Using Online Reviews by Restaurant Patrons to Identify Unreported Cases of Foodborne Illness Ñ New York City, 2012Ð2013
    C. Harrison, M. Jorder, H. Stern, F. Stavinsky, V. Reddy, H. Hanson, H. Waechter, L. Lowe, L. Gravano, and S. Balter
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2014